The Company

The LOSI VITTORIO was founded in 1963 as single enterprise in Bologna, Via Musolesi, and specialised in constructing seats and spare knives for motor-harvesters and tuber-cutters. In the same decade they began the production of cutter bars (alternative to the traditional ones with double fingers for middle cut) for small machines. In the 70es they continued manufacturing spare parts; they also specialised in the construction of cutter bars, based on its own project as well on customers’ draft.

At the end of the 70s the owners’ children joined the father in the business and the company became a General Partnership. During the decade 80-90 they began producing Mulching fingers and double fingers on their own, in order to obtain the adequate quality to their own cutter bars production. At this time they had the first cutter bar “S.P.S.” patented, which allows knives to be guided directly from the forged finger. In the meantime, to keep up with the market demand and to offer complete and reliable equipment to their customers, the company started the production of drive mechanisms in oil bath.

In the 90s the founder retired while the children kept the business successfully going: new products were added in the product range; nevertheless the dedication to the research remained continuous, with the aim of improving the cut effectiveness of the tools and having better work conditions for the people using them.
From this research, the revolutionary patent “Double knife in oil bath” Dual Profi, a drive mechanism resolving the old problem of vibrations, resulted at the end of the 90s.
In 2000 the firm moved to a wider and better structured plant in Minerbio; this together with the forty years old experience allows further optimising of the product quality.
Thanks to the accurate execution, the recurring tests and checks on every single piece, the LOSI VITTORIO & C. Snc can guarantee a technically good quality solution for every kind of problems concerning mowing for a good price.


Planning and manufacturing of cutter bars and drive mechanisms in oil bath for different walking tractors and motor mowers.

Planning and manufacturing of special cutter bars for soybean, sunflower, beans, tomatoes, etc.

Special cutter bars for vine trimmer.

Cutter bars for special purposes: grab-buckets, boots, etc.

Complete knives for combine harvester and mower conditioner both in traditional version with knife rivets system, and new practical version with screws.

Complete special knives on clients’ draft or sample.

Knives, fingers, connecting rods and different spare parts for motor mower, walking tractor, combine harvester, mower conditioner and brush cutter.

Finger for motor mower and for cutter bars.