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Weight : 22 kg (ballastable)
Min. requested power of transmission : HP 8
Max. Rotation speed P.T.O. : R.P.M.950
Stroke standard (type A) : 73 mm
Stroke Reduced vibrations (type B) : 65 mm
Oil content : kg 0,5
Oil sort : ISO 680 EP SAE W140
Adaptability : all trade-marks
Cutter bar : any type you choose
Max. width cutter bar : m 1,70


Combinable cutter bars fit for Uno Profi 

Finger-cutter bar



Garden 3

Dual garden

Drive mechanism oil system: less wear and tear and maintenance, more reliability.


Adjustable knife head: eliminates play due to wear.

The strong, versatile and reliable professional equipment for walking tractors and motor hoes.

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