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   "Dual PROFI" by LVB - double action system drive mechanism completely in oilbath

General features: It is a simple and efficient system (euro patent) completely in oilbath, which makes possible to drive two cutting knives in horizontal opposed movement. The force of inertia of each one of the knives is mutually balanced even though their relative stroke is bigger than the one of any single knife system. This brings a drastic reduction of the vibrations and an important increase of work pace.

Advantages of the system:

The system brings a substantial working comfort to the operator, due to a drastic reduction of vibrations. Less effort and more efficiency.

Wears and derangement resulting of vibrations decrease, with consequent saving in terms of spare parts and deadlocks of the machine. The investment cost will be amortised over a short time.

Through the important augmentation of the stroke it is possible to obtain a considerable increase of the machine productivity, for it is possible to work with a lower motor's rotation speed and higher feed rate.

Technical data of the drive mechanism

  • Weight: kg. 24 (ballastable)

  • Length : mm. 450÷550

  • Relative stroke: mm.81

  • Max. width of the cutter bar: cm.183

  • Max. Rotation speed P.T.O. : R.P.M. 950

  • Oil content: kg. 0,5

  • Oil sort: ISO 680 EP SAE W140

  • Standard maintenance: periodical checking oil level, adjustment of knife heads.

  • Flange: adaptable to any type.

  • Colour: Matt black

A very simple and solid mechanics. Adjustable upper knife head


Lower knife head led in oilbath box. The straight-line movement is warranted


Technical data of the cutter bar type Dual-Profi K3

  • Appellation: Barra DUAL-PROFI K3

  • Available width: 97, 117, 137, 183 cm

  • Guide system: Lower knife: fixed rails and guide rails.

  • Upper knife: 4 self adjusting swivel arms in grease bath.

  • Adjustment: with screw.

  • Maintenance Lubrications: guide bolts on the knife every 5 ÷ 10 hours,

  • Self-adjusting arms every 25 ÷ 30 hours.

  • Packing corrugated board box (120) (145) (170)x25x8



  cm.97 cm.117 cm.137 cm.183
kg.17,5 kg.20 kg.23 kg.28

Side protection for knives. Adjustment cutting height. Selfadjusting arms. Minimal maintenance.


Type "DUAL-GARDEN" double action system.


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